Cottaging: The Amyl Banshee 12"

Wharf Cat Records


After a really promising 7", here's the debut 12" EP from Providence's Cottaging. Man, I have to say this record is really blowing me away. I've been finding it hard to describe, though... I suppose there are elements of it that kind of remind me of a Gun Club / Flesh Eaters kind of thing, but in other ways it isn't really like that at all. The music is really dense and crammed with ideas, but at the same time really spacious and open. In some ways they kind of remind me of the Ukiah Drag, but without the Nick Cave-isms in the vocals... still, I could see fans of bands like Milk Music, Destruction Unit, and Merchandise getting into this, though honestly I like it better than any of those bands. There's more of a sense of experimentation in the music and while it's not pop-oriented at all the songs are really catchy. Plus, it just has a really good sound with the dense bass lines and echo-laden guitars. I feel like I haven't done much of anything to describe this record, but it's totally brilliant and highly recommended if you like any of the aforementioned groups.

Tags: 10s noisy post-punk recommended