Cosmic Psychos: S/T 12"

Goner Records


Sometime in the winter of 1989-90, I wandered into New York Cityí´s Midnight Records, a store famous for its deep catalog of í´60s garage and psychedelic music, as well as a strong selection of classic punk rock and a cantankerous French owner with ridiculous hair. On this visit, instead of hearing a puny French bootleg of The Standells or the Seeds, as I opened the door I was enveloped in the massive opening chords to the first song on the Cosmic Psychosí´ then-new album Go the Hack. íÍSheí´s a lost cause / Sheí´s a lost, lost cause!íñ blasted into the air at maximum volume. In a perfect cinematic moment, the drums announced my entry, the bass dictated my walk, the air became thick with guitar fuzz and wah-wah, and snarled vocals described perfectly a girlí´s descent into a cause which was lost. Instead of record shopping, I felt like Ií´d stepped into a biker movie and was motoring down a long, straight Outback road on a Harley. This was my introduction to the Cosmic Psychos, and I was hooked.

Tags: garage reissues