Copycats: An Idea Died 12"

CCats Records


Man, this one was a really nice surprise! The cover art on this guy made me think I was going to be in for some "diagonal line hardcore" along the lines of Career Suicide or Social Circkle, but really this is something different entirely. The Copycats (who are from Spain, by the way), play a really original and exciting blend of 60s garage punk and vintage '77 punk. While some garage people might be able to get into this, what they really sound like are the '77-era UK groups that had more than a residual trace of the wilder end of the Nuggets spectrum in their sound... bands like the Jam, the Cortinas, the Killjoys, etc., as well as early Europunk groups like the Kids or Ivy Green. If you're a fan of those bands, you probably realize that there are virtually no modern bands that can really approach anything near this sound (a possible exception being the Achtungs)... well, until now that is. An Idea Died is a remarkably diverse, interesting listen, with a lot of variation in the songwriting, some really classic (but still gritty) melodies, and really just everything that you want from a great punk record. If you like digging into the obscurities of classic first-wave punk this is a record you owe it to yourself to hear. Highly recommended.

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s europe power pop punk recommended spain