Sick Head: Music Time cassette



Second cassette from this new hardcore punk band from New York.

Our take: Another day, another new punk band from NYC for me to listen to. This band was recommended to me by Rob from Shoxx and Worse, and it makes sense that he would be super into them as Sick Head have a similar way of straddling noise rock and straightforward hardcore that many of Rob's bands have had. If you can imagine Boner Records-era Melvins as a modern New York City punk band (i.e. aware of and probably, to some extent at least, influenced by Toxic State-type bands), you'll be a good way toward imagining what Sick Head sound like. The vocals definitely sound like a less goofy version of Buzz's, and while the music has the density and the intricacy of the very best AmRep stuff, it also has all of the explosive energy of punk and hardcore. The recording here is also pretty much perfect, dense and heavy without sounding too modern. If you like that whole AmRep-meets-hardcore sound--i.e. bands like Pollution, Shoxx, Double Negative (particularly their later stuff), maybe even Pissed Jeans or Drunkdriver--this is a total no-brainer... get it now! And pick up their first cassette too while you're at it.
Tags: hardcore new york noise rock nyc punk recommended