Conmen: S/T 7"

Stabilizer Records


Neutral Accents Fanzine and Stabilizer (AKA Rock N Roll Disgrace) finally got around to releasing something you'll actually wanna listen to...over and over again.... the debut 7" by Boston's only good punk/power-pop band... CONMEN. 5 tracks in 10 minutes of catchy, tight and tuneful three chord punk... for fans of the first Ramones LP, early GG Allin, and Irish greats like Undertones, Moondogs and Protex. CONMEN share members with Waste Management/Boston Strangler/Peacebreakers, MFP, and horror-punks The Mangled Dead.

Our take: Debut 7" from this Massachusetts band featuring a few familiar faces playing a different sound than you might expect from them. Conmen, to me, sound like total second-wave UK punk worship... this is exactly like the kind of thing that might have come out on a label like Raw, Step Forward, or Small Wonder in like 1979. In other words, while it's very teenage in its revved-up-ness and it's kind-of-dumbness (a line from the first song: "dick don't work / too much jerk"), there's also a reaching for a slightly more sophisticated pop sensibility. In other words, it's not all about toughness and rawness; the band is putting themselves out there and taking some risks by incorporating so much melody into their music. As with a lot of the bands from this part of the country they're all about authenticity when it comes to recording quality, and this indeed sounds as perfectly raw and fuzzy as if it were a long-lost demo tape from '79. So, if you worship singles by bands like the Users, the Cortinas, and the Kiljoys or if you're a fan of the kind of stuff that Total Punk tends to put out this should definitely be on your radar.
Tags: 10s 77&KBD boston gb325 melodic power-pop punk yoobl