Condition: Bombed Out 7"

Rust and Machine Records


Latest EP from LA's Condition, and holy crap is it a banger. I was way into their first record, but this one just crushes it... raw, ferocious, and blown-out d-beat that sounds quite a bit like Warhead's classic Cry of Truth EP, or maybe your favorite Anti-Cimex record played about 15RPM too fast. I love that the core of this band is playing essentially raw, straightforward punk, but there's a second guitar track on here (and, if I remember correctly, a second guitarist live as well) that's playing completely mind-bending, heavily-effected and totally deconstructed noise that adds a completely different dimension to the entire package. It's really like the best of both worlds... wild, psychedelic noise and raging hardcore. Very highly recommended. Rust and Machine Records

Tags: 10s D-beat noisy USA