Concrete Asylum: 11 songs cassette



11-song swansong that was intended to be this Canadian hardcore band's 2nd EP, but instead sees the light of day as a limited cassette. This band's first EP was great, but man the power of this session shines through even despite an extremely raw recording. I noted that their previous 7" had kind of a Citizens Arrest vibe, and this one also has some definite NYHC tendencies (particularly in the shouted vocals), but the band have gotten even faster... now, what they really sound like is Straight Ahead (as well as modern bands in that style like Step Forward) with their combination of blistering fast parts, gnarly mosh parts, and catchy, shouted vocals. Of course this is a very raw, very punk take on that sound, but if you're the kind of person whose computer is full of WNYU sessions then I'd say it's nothing you can't handle. Too bad this didn't make it to vinyl, because this is a ripper.

Tags: 10s canada hardcore punk