Commando: Come Out Fighting 7" (new)

Gummopunx Records

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this is the demo tape(More Power Tapes) on vinyl.
Commando was the last band From (R.I.P.) Brandon(Government Warning,Direct Control etc)
Straight on Powerfull Punk with great melodies! (Think Effigies or Old La Punk)

Our take: Since this Rochester, New York band released the cassette version of this recording, their drummer Brandon Ferrell (better known as half of the team behind No Way Records and a member of Direct Control, Government Warning, Wasted Time, Municipal Waste, and many others) passed away. I've said plenty about Brandon, but what I wrote about this tape before he passed on and I still stand behind it. "Demo cassette from this new band out of Buffalo featuring Brandon from Direct Control / Government Warning. I'm not sure what he's playing, but the drum parts sound very Brandon-esque and I'd be surprised if he wasn't writing the songs as well, because they're right up his alley. Even more melodic than pretty much any given Government Warning song, these all-too-brief three tracks seriously sound like lost Adolescents outtakes (and, by extension, might also be outtakes from Rikk Agnew's All By Myself or D.I.'s Horse Bites Dog Cries). I mean, the song-writing is absolutely spot-on early California-style punk, but the vocals are even more melodic, moving in the direction of bands like Squirrel Bait who really pushed the whole "melodic hardcore" thing just about as far as it could go before it would morph into pop-punk. This is a very raw recording but damn... this is straight fire. Highly recommended."
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