Column of Heaven: Holy Things 7"

Iron Lung Records


I don't recall hearing Column of Heaven's earlier recordings, but apparently they were power violence-oriented. This single, however, is something else entirely. The label description calls it "industrial" music, but that makes me think of something like Ministry or Nine Inch Nails... something with noisy guitars over a steady, Numan-influenced pulse. However, there's nothing steady here... it's more like musique concrete, built upon odd, layered samples and (literally) industrial sounds... like huge machines going haywire and collapsing in on themselves. Oftentimes this end of noise can feel self-indulgent, but this is interesting to listen to, and clearly created with a hardcore-addled, slightly ADD listener in mind. This is nothing like the music I typically listen to, but honestly I think it's one of the best records that Iron Lung has put out in ages.