Coltranes: Cat of Nine Tails 7"

SPHC Records


I was a big fan of the Coltranes' previous releases, so it's nice to see them finally on a US label and with a new EP. If you haven't heard them, Coltranes are a weird band... I kind of place them culturally within this new crop of west coast bands like Nasa Space Universe (with whom they've toured) and Gay Kiss... bands that play hardcore, but with a slightly druggy, psychedelic bent. In fact, sonically Coltranes kind of split the difference between Nasa Space Universe and Gay Kiss, being not quite as creepy/quirky as the former and not as hard and punishing as the latter. I've seen people reach for some really bizarre reference points in attempting to describe this band, so I'm tempted to say I won't even bother... it's punk with maybe more than a little bit of 90s noise rock in its DNA. They're one of those bands that's almost willfully confounding... it always seem like they're just on the verge of breaking into a super catchy part, but they always go in the opposite direction that you'd expect. That's not to say the hooks aren't there, they're just buried a little bit deeper. This won't be for everyone, but those who get it will love it.
Tags: 10s hardcore punk