Cold Meat: Sweet Treats cassette

Helta Skelta Records


Six tracks of raw punk out of Perth. Taking cues from somewhere in between the electric eels and the Nixe.

Our take: Debut release from this new band out of Perth, Australia. While I have no idea if it's a direct influence or not, but Cold Meat remind me a lot of some of the recent London bands, in particular Good Throb and Frau. Their singer's voice has that same kind of breathless delivery as Ash from Frau, though the rest of the band have more in common with the simple, catchy, riff-based standout songs on Good Throb's LP (I'm thinking of songs like "Double White Denim" and "No Taste." I could also see one comparing this to any number of Billy Childish projects, though it's a bit harder and without as much obvious 60s influence. That's not to say that Cold Meat sound derivate at all, but rather that they sound kind of timeless. Simple, riff-based, angry punk songs like this never go out of style, and Cold Meat deliver it with enough catchiness and venom to be well worth your time.
Tags: 10s australia female-fronted garage gb325 punk recommended yoobl