Code 13: A Part of America Died Today 7"

Havoc Records


After several tours across America Code 13 suffered its first major line-up change when drummer Criminal Shane was arrested and incarcerated in Wisconsin. Josh from the band Inveigh was recruited to fill in and would end up staying with the band for a year, two tours and a 7". Fast powerful hardcore, period. Over the years Code 13 became part of a burgeoning scene in Minneapolis, along with bands like Civil Disobecience, State of Fear, Misery, Murderers and Assrash. To show our appreciation to the kids who supported us we did 100 copies on clear vinyl with a screenprinted camouflage cover for our record release show. Of the three 7"s most people consider this to be Code 13's strongest material. The grind/crust influence had faded somewhat by this point and the approach more of a fast hardcore style. Some reviewers had a hard time with the mix of styles, that Code 13 couldn't easily be nailed down as crust, thrash, or street punk. But it was our goal from the start to mix up styles and still have drive an energy. Havoc Records

Tags: 90s fast USA