Cocoonitude: S/T Cassette

Ghost Orchard Records

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Cocoonitude is a four-piece union from the western domain of Murray, Kentucky. Featuring members of Quailbones, Ant Elope and Happy Forever to name a few. These songs were recorded entirely during one sunny September afternoon in 2014 at Loud and Clear studios.

Our take: Debut full-length cassette from this band out of Murray, Kentucky, which you might also remember is the homebase of Quailbones. Cocoonitude features a couple of members of Quailbones, and if you like that band's scrappy, raw, and punky take on indie rock I'm betting that you'll really like Cocoonitude as well as they definitely operate in a similar vein. Like Quailbones, Cocoonitude are kind of all over the map, with a lot of space in their sound for a bunch of different types of sounds, but all of them are upbeat and catchy without being sunny or goofy. I think it's a fair bet that there are probably some Guided by Voices records in the collections of Cocoonitude's members, because this cassette definitely captures a similar vibe. A lot of bands who kind of ape GBV just make shittily recorded pop songs, but Cocoonitude warrant the comparison not only because of their rawness, but also because of their exuberance and eclecticism. A very, very cool cassette that you should check out if you're a fan of anything from Guided by Voices to the Hunches to Black Time. Excellent stuff.
Tags: 10s indie melodic yoobl