Clocked Out: S/T 7"



Brand new 3-song 7" from this Scottish band. The MRR review of this EP mentioned 9 Shocks Terror, and the vocals definitely have more than a passing resemblance to that band... in other words, they're raw, nasty, and totally blown out, but somehow still pretty catchy. The music, though, is a bit more refined than 9 Shocks' blinding thrash... it's still fast hardcore, but it's just a bit more riff-y and composed. Maybe it's just because I listened to the Necros right before this, but I'm actually getting a strong early (Sex Drive-era) Necros vibe from these riffs and songs... mostly in the way that this is pretty much straight up hardcore punk, but with some very light oi! tinges to the riffs. A killer record, and even cooler that it's from the under-represented locale of Scotland. Self-released

Tags: 10s UK USHC