Clitboys: We Don't Play the Game 7" (Black Friday 2015)

Beer City Records


Out of print for over 33 years. the classic early 80’s hardcore/thrash 7” THE CLITBOYS, We Don’t Play the Game, is finally being released! All seven original raging tracks have been restored, remastered and are better sounding then ever before. This run is limited to 1500 on translucent gold vinyl. Not only does this reissue contain a gatefold cover complete with lyrics on the inside, but brand new liner notes by the bass player as well.

Our take: There's been a lot of talk around the shop lately about whether or not the Clitboys suck, mostly instigated by Scott from Double Negative / Bandages, who thinks that they do suck. Well, after spinning this little platter for the first time in a few years I have to pronounce that I am firmly on the "Clitboys do not suck" side. First of all, there are a lot of things I find charming about this EP... the goofy, 7 Seconds-esque positivity, the lead guitar overdubs that come in twice as loud as everything else... it just captures an un-self-conscious era of hardcore that I just really like the sound of. More importantly, though, Clitboys remind me of the early, pre-hip-hop Beastie Boys at their best in that they really have an ear for songwriting. I mean, their songs are, on the surface, really simple, mostly built around the same kinds of basic, 4-chord punk riffs that virtually everyone writes when they like punk rock and first start playing guitar. However, they Clitboys had a way of taking those simple riffs and using clever little arrangement tricks like tempo changes and hard stops to turn those simple, kinda stupid riffs into songs, and that's the real reason that this EP still deserves to be listened to in the year 2015. Oh, and in case you're wondering they did a solid job of this reissue, pretty much exactly replicating the original with the addition of the new label logo and an extra insert featuring a short retrospective essay by one of the band members.
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