Ciudad Lineal: El Nuevo Hombre 12"

La Vida Es Un Mus


Debut LP from this Spanish synth-wave band. Now you might expect there to be some punk in their sound given that this is on La Vida Es Un Mus, but Ciudad Lineal are pure, cold minimal synth. The label's description mentions the Normal and Cabaret Voltaire (along with a slew of other bands I'm not familiar with), but I definitely hear more of the latter in CL's sound than the former. Few of the songs have upbeat, danceable rhythms; instead, the songs tend to be more downbeat, spacious, and brooding. Some of it has the texture of early New Order, but with a vibe that's much more like Joy Division's Closer. It's a bleak listen and probably not the best thing to throw on at your next raging house party, but if you like your new wave cold, bleak, and minimal you may want to check this out.

Tags: 10s new wave spain synth-punk yoobl