Citizens Arrest: Soaked in Others Blood 7"

Painkiller Records

$3.00 $6.00

Like most people, I'm always wary of when reunion bands record new material, but I was anticipating this new 7" from Citizens Arrest because, since the band reformed, they've played lots of DIY shows and generally shown that they know what's up when it comes to the modern HC scene. As expected, then, this new EP is no disappointment. If anything, they've erred toward the raw hardcore on their early material. The more complex and experimental material that appeared on their classic Colossus LP takes a back seat, showing up mainly in the form of lead and noise guitar and other textures that get added onto the foundation of hard and fast HC. A killer EP that will please new and old fans alike. Painkiller Records

Tags: 10s USA USHC yoobl