Chicken Chain: S/T 12"
Chicken Chain: S/T 12"

Chicken Chain: S/T 12"

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Debut release from this new project by Drew Owens, who most people know as the main man behind Sick Thoughts. As with Sick Thoughts, Drew plays all of the instruments here, but I think this is generally being presented as his "hardcore project." I think that what a lot of people responded to with Sick Thoughts was the band's visceral immediacy, and that definitely carries over here... in fact, his go-for-the-jugular approach is perhaps even more suited to hardcore than the more garage-inspired stuff Sick Thoughts started out with. This is really nasty, nihilistic stuff, and if for no other reason than that there's something here that reminds me of the Cleveland / 9 Shocks Terror / Inmates school of nasty, anti-social hardcore punk. Like that scene, this also has something of the vibe of esoteric 80s Japanese hardcore releases. Maybe it's the recording, which is decidedly lo-fi and sounds like a second- or third-generation dubbed cassette, but I can't help but think of bands like the Execute, Trash-era Stalin, and flexi-era Aburadko. I'd also be willing to bet money that the Necros are a direct influence, as parts of this also have a Sex Drive / IQ32 feel. So many bands go for this sound, but there's almost always this hint of influence from genres like youth crew, metallic hardcore, pop-punk, or something else that's just not 80s hardcore, but this just sounds like punk that has gotten so fast and so intense that you can only call it hardcore. So who knows if it'll be the TermBo set or the retro hardcore crowd that ultimately adopts Chicken Chain, but in the meantime I'm just going to enjoy this slice of nasty and demented punk rock.

Pressed on mixed color vinyl with a screen printed jacket. Includes an illustrated lyric booklet.