Chestnut Road: S/T 12"

Boss Tuneage Records

$5.00 $15.50

The UK has been waiting a few years for a band to take up the mantle and carry on the fine tradition of melancholic melodic punk rock that started with the likes of LEATHERFACE, HOOTON 3 CAR, DRIVE and was carried through in later years by the likes of CHINA DRUM, BROCCOLI and BLOCKO. Little did we know though we were looking in the wrong country! CHESTNUT ROAD (named after the BROCCOLI song) are from France but wear their inspiration from all those UK bands firmly on their chest, and taking influence from the likes of HUSKER DU and Taang Era LEMONHEADS as well, have managed to do where so many fail in this genre í? actually make a record that is class, and that is uniquely CHESTNUT ROAD í? some bands just have that knack of taking the íÍsame old thingíñ and making it better, and CHESTNUT ROADí´s debut shows they are definitely one of those bands!

Tags: france melodic