Chestnut Rd.: Demo cassette



Anyone who has known me for a long time knows that I have a huge soft spot for Leatherface-inspired melodic punk... though mostly just the original jams from the late 90s UK scene that yielded greats like Broccoli and Hooton 3 Car. I'm SUPER picky about which bands of this style I like... it's pretty much the best of the best, and France's Chestnut Rd. are firmly in the club. Having been named after a Broccoli song and doing a great Hooton 3 Car cover on this demo goes a long way with me, but even without those obvious nods to their sources this would be a great f***ing demo. Six incredible songs with huge, Leatherface-style production, intricate two-guitar dynamics, and great, memorable vocal melodies. If you like the aforementioned bands or big heavy pop like the Buzzcocks, Naked Raygun, or later Government Issue do yourself a favor and GET THIS.

Tags: 10s Europe melodic