Cheena: Spend the Night with 12"

Sacred Bones


Don’t sleep. Don’t retreat. Stay a while. Let’s spend the night together. Cheena testify to a long history of New York nights, trading insults and borrowing beer at rooftop parties that began years ago. There’s plenty of New York in this band – Lou Reed’s better glam punches found a jawline or two among them, the heavy handed playing of the Dolls, and that particular manner of NY glam you can hear in Kiss – that’s all in Cheena. Spend The Night With… is a soundtrack to nights where revelry and lust are never isolated from poor decisions and vanity, where the grave sincerity of a bathroom confession explodes into cruelty and hysteria, nights on busy streets or crowded subway cars coloured with elegant ambition and constrained by the practicality of street smarts.

Our take: My experience with Cheena so far has been thus: loved the demo, 7" didn't really grab me at all, and now that this LP has come out I'm fully back on board. I'm not sure if the bite-size 7" just didn't suit the band as well or what, but with room to spread out over this LP Cheena effectively suck me into their hazy, stoned vibe. I have to admit that when I first heard this LP I wasn't too impressed; I think the abundance of slide guitar and walker's Neil Young-esque drawl made me feel like I was listening to some kind of "punk goes country" type thing, but the more I listened the more I appreciated Cheena's dynamic, which centers on basic, primal rock riffs contrasted with a less comfortable, more angular counterpoint in the lead and/or slide guitar. The songs are definitely loose and fluid... Cheena eschew big choruses in favor of a more sprawling, atmospheric approach that's pleasantly easy to get lost in.
Tags: 10s garage melodic new york nyc