Cheap Appeal: Demo cassette

Slow Death Records


Debut release from this new Canadian band. Rock-infused hardcore punk with big hooks and energy.

Our take: Demo cassette from this band out of the west coast of Canada who play a kind of rock-inflected hardcore punk. Despite some very gruff vocals that remind me of 86 Mentality or Ebro from Punch in the Face, the music is super catchy to the point where you could almost call it garage-punk... I'm old so I'm apt to compare the the music to something like Social Circkle or Regulations, but younger people probably have more recent reference points of bands who play a similar style (maybe even Coneheads or Cal and the Calories?). Regardless, the combination of the gruff, tough-sounding (yet still really catchy) vocals and the more overtly melodic music is a real winner and bound to please anyone into either catchy 80s-sounding hardcore or some of catchier bands in the recent oi!-inflected hardcore style.
Tags: 10s canada hardcore punk recommended