Chasm: Demo II cassette



Second cassette from this Bl'ast / Black Flag / Sabbath-inspired band from Kansas City.

Our take: Second demo cassette from this Kansas City band (we also have a very limited quantity of their first tape), and boy do they have an original sound! When I say that they combine USHC and traditional doom you'll probably run away screaming because that's a totally amateur hour move (or at least it is in my part of the world), but Chasm aren't a bunch of kids who don't yet know what they like... they clearly have a deep knowledge of both of these styles and combine them in a really interesting and fresh way. What I'm reminded of most of all are those last couple of Crow 7"s (notably Flock of Beast)... like that later Crow stuff, this is built on a foundation of hardcore punk, but the band isn't afraid to slow things down and groove out, and the bass playing is very much in the Sabbath style throughout. I can't think of another band who sound anything like this, and that's really saying something for a heavy music band in the year 2016. It might not be for everyone, but if you're like me and you love USHC but you also have one or two Electric Wizard records in your collection this will probably sound as fresh to your ears as it does to mine.
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