Chaos: 1980 12" (new)

Vomitopunkrock Records


Chaos was surely not the band everyone has ever heard about.
They are not necessarily included in all records about British punk
although they already existed by 1979 and lasted up to 1987.
Perhaps part of the reason for all this quasi-anonymousness is due
to the fact that their whole discography reduces to one single and
a track included in a compilation album. They however recorded
several demos and quite a few songs were taken in tapes from
their live performances during their existence. In addition to this
Chaos’ trajectory comprises most of the usual features of English
punk in the 80s, such as gigs interrupted by right wing skinheads,
lyrics against those days society, wars and police, losses due to
drugs overdose and a singer with a peculiar presence on stage.
Convinced on their mission, Chaos had a word to spread: “There
is only one message to tell society, forget your inhibitions, politics
and prejudices, just let yourself go and have a good time with your
mates, watching chaos brighten up your life”.
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