Chain Rank: Up Against the Wall 12"



Self released debut LP from Chain Rank. 10 tracks of X-Claim Boston meets early NYHC without sounding stale. For fans of hardcore punk.

Our take: Debut 12" from this much talked-about band out of Boston. These guys have gotten a lot of attention so I'm sure many of you have checked this out already, but in case you haven't I'll do my best to let you know what they're all about. When I saw Chain Rank recently they opened their set with a spate of Boston hardcore covers, but early NYHC is also clearly a big component of their sound (the title track even "borrows" the main riff from "Loud and Clear" by the Abused). If you took Loud and Clear, the X-Claim catalog, and Boston Not LA, threw them into a food processor, ground them into a thin paste, and spread it across a copy of Victim in Pain you'd probably end up with something not dissimilar to Up Against the Wall. As with a lot of other Boston stuff like Boston Strangler, No Tolerance, Bloodkrow Butcher, etc., the execution (both in terms of performance and production) is flawless and airtight. Basically, if you're looking for this style of retro early 80s-style USHC there isn't going to be another record that delivers on the level this one does... a near-perfect distillation of the style.
Tags: 10s boston hardcore nyhc recommended ushc