Chain Hex: promo cassette



Another 2-song promo cassette from this band out of Santa Rosa, California, and while it's quite short I think it's by far their best material. Like bands such as Latisha's Skull Drawing and Anxiety Hammer, Chain Hex have this ability to combine straightforward hardcore with a more sinister vibe. At first listen you keep waiting for these songs to explode into a fast part, but once the vibe sinks in you realize that Chain Hex have this kind of creepily droning forward-marching rhythm that reminds me a little bit of Rudimentary Peni, but with more self-awareness of the context of the history of hardcore. Basically, if you like dark and menacing hardcore punk like the aforementioned bands or maybe Gag or the other more hardcore-oriented bands on Iron Lung Records, then you should check this out.
Tags: 10s hardcore raw ushc yoobl