Chachimbazo: demo cassette

Just A Audial


Demo tape from this New York band with an interesting premise... apparently this is an attempt to fuse reggaeton and hardcore punk. Now, reggaeton is usually done with synthetic drums, but Chachimbazo have a live drummer, and honestly I don't think I would have identified the main beat as a reggaeton beat if I didn't know about it beforehand even thought I guess the drummer is playing the same pattern on which reggaeton is based. Musically, this is some pretty straightforward heavy hardcore with nasty, raspy vocals that recall Martin from Los Crudos just a bit, but not quite as high and screechy. Really, this is just a strong hardcore punk demo with some really strange, slightly off-kilter-feeling drumming, but it totally works and sounds really like nothing else. Highly recommended for the musically adventurous.

Tags: 10s hardcore new york spanish-language