Casanovas in Heat: Ruins 7"

Deranged Records


Debut 7" from this band featuring two members of Male Nurses. Deranged's description compares this to early Replacements and Naked Raygun, and I can definitely hear the comparisons... the guitar tone and style are quite similar to the first couple of Mats' records (complete with blazing solos), and it has a bit of that awkward, nerdy quality that Naked Raygun has. However, the singer has this California surfer kind of accent that also makes me think of early LA hardcore... the kind of stuff that was on the American Youth Report comp. It's a really unique combination, and I must say that at the end of the day, Cassanovas in Heat sound like pretty much no current band I can think of. Still, this is catchy, energetic, and punk, and well worth your time. Deranged Records

Tags: 10s melodic USA