Casanovas in Heat: Belvidere b/w Destiny St 7"

Katorga Works Records

$2.00 $5.50

Latest single from this Boston band that features (rather incongruously) former members of Bloodkrow Butcher. In the "official description" of this band they're compared to punky late-70s power pop of the type that Sing Sing Records typically reissues, and I definitely get that... the combination of shimmery guitars and a beefy punk backbeat definitely evokes that sound and era. However, I stand by my claim that the melodic vocals also sound quite a bit like the tuneful midwest punk of the 80s... I can't help but think of bands like Squirrel Bait, Mortal Micronotz, and later-era Naked Raygun. Fans of later-era Government Issue will also find a lot to like here. At any rate, "Belvidere" is definitely worthy of being a single a-side, and "Destiny St" isn't too far behind it in terms of quality.

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s boston gb325 melodic power-pop yoobl