Cardiac Arrest: In the Mouth of Madness 12"

Lumpy Records


I don't think that many people expected a new Cardiac Arrest LP in the year 2014, but here it is! It seems like not a lot of people knew they were still active, but I guess they've been plugging away in St. Louis chipping away at writing this full-length. As you might expect from a band that's been around for a decade by now, this definitely shows some development from their earlier stuff, but all in all the formula hasn't really changed... it's still blistering, balls-to-the-wall hardcore with Rob's trademark menacing yet catchy vocal style. Their two EPs were total gut punches, but you can tell that a lot of thought and work went into the LP as there's a lot of attention to pacing and sequencing to make sure you keep flipping this again and again. The production is also fantastic... straightforward and dry but punchy as hell. Basically, if you're still interested in this kind of early 80s-inspired USHC you're going to want to pick this up, as it's incredibly well-executed and infectious.

Tags: 10s hardcore USA ushc