Captive Bolt / Gary Francione: Split 7"

Dead Tank Records

$2.00 $5.00

Description from Dead Tank Records: "A vengeful follow-up to last years äóìRape, Slaughter, Slavery and Vivisectionäó? 7äó?. Jacksonvilleäó»s Captive Bolt continue down a lyrical path of vegan and animal rights issues while blasting a hardcore punk sounds with a fresh and modernized reincarnation of Left for Dead. The power of the message here is only brought to the next level since the band teams up with esteemed author Gary Francione - a professor of law and philosophy at Rutgers University. He is a longtime vegan and writes and teaches about animal rights theory and animal law, as well about the relationship between the rights of humans and nonhumans."

Tags: 10s hardcore