Candidate Demo: The Curtain 12"

Anker Records


Limited edition of 300 copies on red vinyl! 2nd release on new Berlin-based label ANKER (previously LABIL), following the "Retweeted" 2xLP by SLEAFORD MODS. CANDIDATE DEMO is a twopiece from Virginia/USA, featuring Billy of BUCK GOOTER with guitarist John Sgroi. And it's a real killer! Electronica-Guitar-Post-Punk with a sinister touch. 9 tracks that can be aptly described as "BIG BLACK meets with JOY DIVISION", or like a Dark-Punk version of MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT... And in contrast to BUCK GOOTER, instead of screaming and yelling, Billy's actually singing and he's good at it! Yeah, as said before: KILLER!
Tags: 10s noise rock post-punk