Cal and the Calories: Demo 7"

Lumpy Records


So, if you're like me and you actually sat down to listen to that giant pile of cassingles that Lumpy / Spotted Race put out a while back, you probably know that the Cal and the Calories one was the pick of the litter, and this is a vinyl pressing of that very tape. The story I remember hearing on this is that these were recorded just like the Lumpy & the Dumpers tracks, with Martin playing all of the instruments, but that these tracks were too poppy for Lumpy, whether by design or by accident I'm not sure. At any rate, this has the same stomping, driving punk sensibility and nasty production of the Lumpy records, but they're poppier and more vocal-oriented. There's definitely a palpable Ramones influence, particularly in "My Calorie," and that added catchy/melodic makes this go down even smoother. Some people will almost certainly prefer this to the proper Lumpy material, and I'm thinking I may count myself among that group...

Tags: 10s gb325 melodic punk raw recommended