Cal and the Calories: Bastard in a Yellow Suit 7"

Total Punk Records


2nd 7" from St. Louis's mighty Cal & the Calories, who are the Lumpy & the Dumpers side-project that gives an appropriate home to the songs that are slightly too poppy for the Lumpy oeuvre proper. Having more than a little bit of a pop sweet tooth myself, from the beginning I've been just as into Cal as Lumpy, if not more, and as expected this new single continues to deliver the goods. Really, at the end of the day this isn't all that different from Lumpy, but rather than more sludgy, Fang-inspired riffs these songs are built around riffs that are a little chunkier and kind of Ramones-y. I'm reminded of the Queers' KBD-era material myself, but if you lust after all of the Total Punk releases suffice to say you'll find plenty to like here.

Tags: 10s garage midwest punk