Cadaver Em Transe: S/T 12"

Nada Nada Discos


Debut 12" from this Brazilian band featuring members of Ratka. As with Ratka, the sound here is clearly inspired by vintage UK post-punk, but whereas Ratka have kind of a loose, organic quality, Cadaver Em Transe sound more like the highly-composed bands like Bauhaus or maybe even Paralasis Permanente. If you're looking for a more modern comparison, I'd venture to say that if you dug that last Belgrado 12" you'll flip for this as the recording has a very similar quality (somehow both spacious and dense at the same time... as well as both modern and vintage-sounding). Nowadays most any band that uses a chorus pedal cops to a post-punk influence, but I think that in this genre you're pretty much made or broken by the vocals, and Cadaver Em Transe have opted for a snarling punk vocalist that kind of reminds me of the singer from Pura Mania. Of course if you're still into all of the recent international post-punk stuff that's been coming out lately you'll want to check this out, but thanks to the aforementioned factors I'd say this is really a cut above.

Tags: 10s brazil latin america post-punk punk