Busted Outlook: Spitting Wind 7"

Warthog Speak Records


Current darlings of the Bay Area Hardcore scene, and sporting chaps that already show up on the Warthog Speak roster in such class acts as PERMANENT RUIN, STRESSORS, and SCALPED, BUSTED OUTLOOK is made up of dudes that have more than likely booked a show for your band if you've played in the the Bay at any point over the last five years. Locked in the grooves of this record is some of the tightest, spirit-lifting, metallic hardcore this side of of '88. Riffs galore. Divebombs, breakdowns, dope solos, and good vibes to help you ride through summer 2015. Did I mention...RIFFS.

Our take: California's Warthog Speak Records has made a pretty good name for themselves with a house style that combines elements of NYHC, early 80s USHC, and heavier crust punk... pretty much every release on the label so far plies some variation of that style, and if you're into this sound Warthog Speak and Beach Impediment are the two labels you should definitely be following. Now, as for Busted Outlook, they are perhaps the most NYHC-sounding band on the label... their songs are full of divebombs, thrash parts, and gnarly mosh breaks. This is a sound that can fall flat really easy, but like Pittsburgh's Concealed Blade, Busted Outlook keep it interesting and much more than just a genre exercise.
Tags: 10s california gb325 hardcore mosh recommended sxe ushc yoobl