Busted Outlook: Plague Hoarder Cassette

Warthog Speak Records


With this demo from the Bay Area's Busted Outlook, Warthog Speak Records continue their trend of releasing hardcore that eases right up to the line between hardcore I like and hardcore I definitely do not like, all the while never going over to the bad side. This is meaty, mosh-filled straight edge stuff, in the tradition of older bands like Confront and maybe even early Sick Of It All, as well as the most visible modern proponent of that style, Boston's No Tolerance (though fans of World War IV will definitely be feeling the divebombs). This demo is a feast of crushing riffs, mosh parts inside of mosh parts... a modern-sounding recording would totally kill this for me, but the raw yet heavy production on this one sounds like the best stuff coming out of the Paincave. Basically, if you have a Boston Strangler or No Tolerance t-shirt in your wardrobe you need this demo, because it totally rips.

Tags: 10s hardcore mosh sxe