Busted Outlook: 2015 promo cassette

Layin' Waste

$1.75 $3.50

Five new jams demoed to fallow up their 7” released earlier this year. A taste of whats to come on the 12” coming out summer 2016 on Refuse records. East coast dates and Euro tour in 2016. World Wide Hardcore Pride.

Our take: New 5-song cassette from this Bay Area band who are probably the most known quantity on the new Layin Waste label. As on their other releases, Busted Outlook come with a very NYHC-influenced sound. The music is very much of the New Breed era, combining the rhythms and chord progressions of youth crew hardcore with some basic thrash metal flourishes (mostly tons of dive bombs) a la Beyond or Breakdown. This band knows exactly what they're doing, and these tracks hit hard and directly. If you're a fan of their other material you'll certainly need this as well.
Tags: 10s 65804 hardcore nyhc ushc yoobl