B'urst!: S/T 7"

Criminal Rights Records

$2.75 $5.50

Debut US release from this straight edge band out of Brazil. Man, this thing is a total ripper! Like a lot of bands from outside the US, this one is pleasantly in defiance / unaware of current trends in the US hardcore scene. Occasionally that can result in a record sounding very tired, but here the result is that it sounds really fresh. If I were to put down a wager I'd guess that prime-era Warzone is the major inspiration here; B'urst rely on a similarly metallic riffing style, and like early Warzone seem to exist right on the cusp between youth crew and the harder end of NYHC. B'urst also have some metallic, thrashy lead breaks and even some bruising, Straight Ahead-style fast parts... it sounds like a mish-mash, but it's all put together extremely well and delivered with maximum power. Despite the comparisons I made above, I'm also reminded of Coke Bust just a little bit in the overall vibe and execution. If any of the above intrigues you, check this little rager out!
Tags: 10s 65804 brazil hardcore straight edge yoobl