Bug: What's Buggin' You Cassette

Not Normal Records

$1.75 $3.50

Another mysterious new cassette release from Not Normal Records. All I know about Bug, really, is that it was recorded by Amos from Tenement and Ralph (Not Normal head honcho as well as ex-vocalist of Raw Nerve) is in the band; well, I also know about the music, which rips. As you could probably expect, this is fast hardcore (it is on Not Normal after all), but Bug have a pretty distinctive sound even within that narrow realm. Like the early Die Kreuzen stuff they really focus on dissonant, high-on-the-neck guitar craziness, which 1. makes this really stand out from the pack sonically and 2. gives it a slightly creepy vibe. It sort of reminds me of Raw Nerve a bit as well in that it's really frantic... it sounds like the soundtrack to a panic attack, but once you get over that overwhelming feeling of disorientation that this immediately provokes you quickly realize that the music here is incredibly dense and packed with really interesting ideas delivered one after the other in rapid-fire succession. I know that everyone is freaking out about the G.L.O.S.S. demo on Not Normal (and with good reason!), but don't let this one slip by you... it's a stone cold ripper.

Tags: 65804 hardcore midwest noisy recommended USHC yoobl