Buck Gooter: Witch Molecules 12"

X-Mist Records


Primal Industrial Blues, nihilist Punk, minimalist Noise-Rock duo from Harrisonburg/Virginia. Recorded by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studio, DC. Cover-artwork by Asa Osbourne (LUNGFISH, ZOMES). Full album vinyl (9 tracks), glossy full-color cover, insert with lyrics. Full-length LP by this furious duo, and it’s another challenging masterpiece! Minimal and nightmarish sounds, mixed up with alienated references of Blues and Rock patterns. In these times of well-designed eclecticism, BUCK GOOTER seem to bring this idea to an end. Indeed: They rest on diverse influences and sounds. BUT: They have NOTHING to do with anything else before! It is a duo in its most radical and contrary sense!! Be prepared for an intense musical experience! From their point of view you can get a perfect panorama on cultural life in its whole wastedness. Think of Sam McPheeters meeting KILLDOZER after a WOLF EYES concert. Or MENS RECOVERY PROJECT meets NO TREND. BLACK FLAG meets MERZBOW. CHROME meets FLIPPER. BLACK HUMOR meets YOUNG GODS. SHORTY meet the CRAMPS. DAN MELCHIOR meets SAVAGE REPUBLIC. URINALS meet THROBBING GRISTLE. ABNER JAY meets ARAB ON RADAR... Who knows? Or just citing MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL: “You haven’t heard anything that sounds like BUCK GOOTER in a long time!” Whatever. It is nothing less than outstanding contemporary music
Tags: 10s noise rock punk