Broken Cross: Through Light To Night 12"

Apocalyptic Visions

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”Through Light to Night” is the first full-length album from Swedish one-man Broken Cross. As with previous Broken Cross releases, this album blends the genres of punk and metal in a raw and uncompromising way, without losing melody or catchiness. There is also an added layer of noise and samples, pushing the music into the realms of pure insanity. The lyrics are even darker and gloomier than before. All copies include a 12-page booklet. Artwork by Dwid Hellion.

Our take: Debut 12" from this Swedish one-man project. The artwork is by Dwid Hellion, which is appropriate because this mines a similar set of influences as Integrity: GISM, some NOWBHM, hardcore, and even ambient / musique concrete. The difference between this and Integrity, though, is that Broken Cross are piss-raw... the drum sound is a ramshackle mess more befitting black metal, and while you can hear what all of the instruments are doing (i.e. the production here is definitely not an inchoate blur), the tones of the recording and the mix are totally bizarre... it's so far left of center that it's not even on the map, which creates an almost psychedelic effect. It'd be one thing just to create something this weird, but every once in a while Broken Cross bust into a totally catchy part that sounds like it could've come right off of Detestation. It's a really unsettling mix, but it's one that will definitely hold your attention. Many (most?) people don't want something that's this unique and singular, but if you crave records that don't sound like anything else this is well worth checking out.
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