Broken Bones: A Single Decade 12"

Havoc Records


Singles collection LP from this great, crucially underrated UK82 band featuring Bones from Discharge on guitar. Maybe it's just because I've heard Discharge so much in my life that their songs are permanently etched in my brain, but I'll often throw on a Broken Bones record over Discharge. Of course a big part of the appeal with Discharge is how primitive and brutal they are, and that's largely gone with Broken Bones... there's a similar grit and nastiness, but in general with Broken Bones the songs are a little more composed, betraying influence from both the then-emergent thrash metal scene and oi!. This elegantly-packaged collection brings together the songs from their first three 7"s and their first 12" EP. It's similar to the material that was compiled on the great Bonecrusher release (heretofore my go-to Broken Bones record), but there's plenty of material that you don't have even if you are lucky enough to own a copy of Bonecrusher. This doesn't have the over-the-top packaging that a lot of punk reissues are getting these days, but the trade-off is that this thing is cheaper than 90% of new punk releases. Totally essential.

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Tags: 80s D-beat hardcore recommended reissues UK UK82