Brick Assassin: Bite The Hand That Feeds 12"

Foreign Legion Records

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Brick Assassin is Hardcore Oi band from Chicago. Determined to overcome the ideasand cliches of Oi music. Powered by a pure aggro sound that is motivated to move the soul and empower your inner rage.

Our take: Six-song 12" from this hardcore-inflected oi! band out of Chicago. After American oi! music (indeed, a lot of oi! music across the world) being pretty much a joke for the past several years (decades?), there are finally some bands across the world who are making powerful, catchy punk music that gives a modern update to the classics. Chief among these are Rixe, Crown Court, and Vanity, and I'd say that Brick Assassin deserve a place at the table as well. Of the three, they most resemble Crown Court... the pub rock-ish riffing definitely recalls a certain band-who-shall-not-be-named, but like Crown Court there's an extra dose of heaviness and grit that they get off of more modern hardcore bands. The production here is perfect, the songwriting is simple and straightforward without being dumb or cliche... it's just a remarkably rock solid oi! record. And props for the anti-bonehead anthem "Bonehead Dicks..." when you're in a scene that's often associated with right-wing politics it's nice that Brick Assassin are clear about what side they're on.
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