Breakout: True Crime 7"

Vinyl Conflict Records

$2.75 $5.50

2nd EP (the first one was self-released) from this Texas band. For some reason I was thinking that a band called Breakout was going to sound like NYHC or something, but this EP is really incredible, and sounds nothing like that at all... there's definitely a hardcore element (as you might expect from Grave Mistake), but there's a lot of stranger stuff happening as well. There's a lot of interesting interplay between the instruments that kind of reminds me of their fellow Texans Institute, but much harder, denser, and more intense. The label description actually mentions the Ruts (one of my favorite bands), and I can totally hear that on the standout track, "All's Quiet," which sounds kind of like a combination of the Ruts and Zounds. It's really refreshing to hear a band incorporate those influences without sounding like a total tribute band (which Institute are occasionally guilty of), and at the end of the day I can't really think of another band that Breakout sound like, and in my book there's really no higher compliment for a hardcore punk record.

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