Brando's Island: Liquid Soul 7"

Altered States Tapes


Like something straight off the set of New Wave Theatre, Brando's Island are a mutant-punk four-piece with members spread across Melbourne and Newcastle, Australia. Their debut 7”, released on vocalist Richard Costa's Million Dollar imprint earlier in the year, will go down as one of 2015's highlights. So it is with great pleasure that Altered States presents these two tracks of deranged antipodean weirdness. The folks involved in Brando's have previously done time in some of the best groups Australia has offered over the last few years: Velvet Whip, The Zingers, Chrome Dome, Pathetic Human, Flat Fix, Soma Coma, the list goes on. While this previous output gives you a vague idea of the eclecticism of BI's collective taste, nothing can prepare you for the unique sound produced by them. Vibraphone, synth, drums, vocals. The New Wave is here.

Our take: Killer debut single from this new Australian band. Though a lot of the members have been involved in hardcore bands, this is something completely different. Built around synth and drums, Brando's Island seem to have more in common with groups like Liquid Liquid, ESG, or perhaps even a far less noisy and chaotic version of Suicide. In other words, this is artsy and left of center, but not the full on amusical style of the crazier No Wave groups like DNA. I also think there's a little bit of the Krautrock-inspired, chugging rhythms of Eddy Current Suppression Ring and the UV Race here as well... that particular style of laid-back yet uptempo rhythm is something that seems to come very naturally to Australians, and Brando's Island build upon that beautifully with disjointed yet catchy synths and a ranting, slightly deranged-sounding vocalist that work together to pull these two songs in interesting, unexpected directions. It's tough for me to articulate precisely what makes this single special, but it definitely stands out from the pack and is well worth your attention.
Tags: 10s australia australia/NZ garage melodic post-punk weird