Brando's Island: Duplicaat 7" (new)

Million Dollar Records

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Brando’s Island re-emerge with their third 7”, another manic two-song 45, falling somewhere between adventurous synth punk and new wave. Brando’s deliver a whirlwind, cacophonous nosedive of turbulent tempos, lambasting an egotistical climate. The A-side Duplicaat veers askew, pitting the trademark jaunty rhythms of an SH-2 and vibraphone. Think Arto Lindsay’s Ambitious Lovers ripped apart by boisterous bass-heavy drumming and a cathartic, Australian tongue. The B-side Natural Order storms home, winding through the arse end of an L.A/San-Fran obsessed frenzy. All juxtapositions considered, all aural space twisted, this is Brando’s Island at their most venomous, bound in the confines of their island home. Driven with pop sensibility, this is aloof punk for a prudent cause.

Our take: Second single from this Australian band with a very distinctive sound. Their trademark is the use of a vibraphone (or the "vibes" if you were in jazz band)... an instrument that I'm not sure that I've ever heard used as one of the core parts of a punk band, and it sounds really great and definitely totally separates the band from the pack. Songwise, these two tracks (much like the ones on their first single) are minimal and driving in that way that Australians seem to be so good at, and once your ears adjust to the vibes you'll find that there's a lot more to this band than just some unconventional instrumentation. If you're a fan of the best of the best recent Aussie bands... Leather Towel, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Ausmuteants, Helta Skelta, etc., then this band should definitely be up your alley as well.
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