Brain Killer: 3rd EP 7"

Framework Records


3rd (and perhaps final?) EP from Boston's Brain Killer. These guys were one of the first US bands doing the full Cimex / noisy HC worship, but they've always had an artsy / ambient streak as well, releasing an early, super-limited 8" record that was pretty much just pure noise. I feel like on this final 6-songer they bring those two halves of the band together really well. The songs are some of the band's best yet... stomping, mid-paced Cimex-style ragers that keep your fist pumping and stick in your head. "Re-Education," for instance, almost sounds like Social Circkle with an added layer of feedback and noise over the top. In addition, the "noisy" elements are worked into the songs much better, spicing things up with odd and fascinating production choices. This is one of those EPs that really has the best of both worlds... something for the HC folks and those who want something a little more aesthetically ambitious than straight Discharge worship. Vinyl Rites Records

Tags: 10s anarcho D-beat noisy USA