Braid: Frankie Welfare Boy Age 5 2x12"

Polyvinyl Records


REISSUED!!! With Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five, BRAID introduced itself to a national audience—one which it would continue to build over years of extensive touring and the release of two more full-lengths, nine 7-inches and numerous compilation appearances. Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five is a meticulously crafted record that never once feels anything other than raw and organic. Featuring a more aggressive, hardcore-influenced sound than later Braid releases, the songs are never uniform and always challenging – continually changing tone, volume, and structure within their short time spans. With twenty-six blistering tracks in just under 60 minutes, the members of Braid simultaneously encapsulated and redefined the Midwest scene from which they came.
Tags: 90s emo gb325 indie melodic reissues yoobl