Bowl Ethereal: S/T 7" (new)

Southern Lord Records


Southern Lord releasing a new project from Pen Rollins of Honor Role / Breadwinner fame? Color me curious! I dropped the needle on this not really knowing what to expect, and I got six short, tight bursts of heavy, technical math rock. Breadwinner fans will definitely be pleased as this is coming from a very similar place, but at the same time this feels a bit more polished, straightforward, and more "metal." I guess the genre boundaries of this kind of mathy metallic stuff are firmly set in stone at this point, and even if Bowl Ethereal don't really care about them they are at least aware of these conventions. I can't imagine the typical Southern Lord fan will get into this, but if you liked Breadwinner and/or follow Pen Rollins' work this is essential.

Tags: 10s math rock metal